There are real reasons why you aren’t sleeping as well when away from home

A lot of people fall in love with the luxurious mattress and bedding that top flight hotels and resorts have, and many people simply can’t wait to dive right into that bed and drifted off to sleep in the kind of ultra-bedroom experience that most just don’t have at home.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of people that try and get some solid second time on vacation aren’t able to enjoy anywhere near as restless sleep as they would add home – even if their bed pales in comparison to the “ultimate sleeping experience”.

Why is this, you ask?

Well, scientists believe they have at least a handful of answers (and solutions) that can help you get better sleep when you aren’t cozying up in your own home.

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Safety has a lot more to do with bedtime comfort than anything else

Our brains (and the rest of our body, for that matter) are always on the lookout for attacks and dangers that we have to avoid to keep us safe. When we enter into a new place our body and our mind are always looking for patterns to recognize and hidden dangers that we don’t look for when we are home, and this state of hypervigilance isn’t at all conducive to getting a solid night’s sleep.

Even if you consciously feel completely safe in a new space your brain is still going to go wild on an unconscious level, always looking for dangers and especially paying attention to different sounds while you sleep. Your brain isn’t going to feel at all bad about jerking you out of sleep just because it hears something that is unfamiliar, and your night is going to be anything but restless.

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How to prevent these kinds of sleep risks from happening in the first place

The easiest way to combat these automatic safety concerns and get some fantastic sleep away from home is to bring “sensory deprivation” of equipment with you.

We’re talking about eye masks and earplugs that block out the world around you and allow your brain to shut down and relax the same way you would when you are home.

Now, you obviously aren’t going to want to utilize these sensory deprivation solutions unless you actually are in a completely safe place – but if you are, this is the fastest ticket to visiting the Sand Man and getting the solid night of sleep you had been hoping for.