Does Obesity Harm Our General Health?

Yes, obesity does have the power to harm our general health. While every person who is obese doesn’t suffer from health problems as a result, the percentage is higher than it should be. If you’re obese, you’re more prone to an array of health issues, including diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure.

Our bodies are placed under strain when we are carrying around too much weight. Our bodies need to work harder in order to handle the weight and this stresses our body systems and organs. For this reason, we do encourage you to consider losing weight.

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You don’t need to become skinny. You simply need to focus on losing weight and moving into an ideal weight range. You should take your body type into account. Some people aren’t meant to be really thin. They have larger frames. So, do some research and then decide what your ideal weight should be.

Is Dieting Hard for You?

Dieting is very hard for some and it’s safe to say that people who are obese have a hard time with it. Eating is often an emotional issue. We eat to forget about our feelings and we turn to food as though it’s a best friend. If you suffer from emotional eating issues, as so many of us do, you should talk to your doctor about it.

One option is therapy, which may help you to better understand how past traumas and childhood experiences led you to become obese. Another option is bariatric surgery or diet drugs. Bariatric surgery is a serious procedure which limits the amount of food that the stomach can hold. It has its drawbacks, but does spark rapid and sustained weight loss.

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Diet drugs also have risks. Only a doctor is qualified to recommend you for bariatric surgery or to prescribe diet drugs. You’ll need to fit certain guidelines in order to qualify for this type of procedure or a diet drug prescription.

Are You Committed to Losing Weight?

If you have the motivation, you will be able to lose weight without surgery or drugs. So many people have and some of them were very overweight. It’s all about reducing portion size, getting the junk out of your diet and moving around more. It’s the slow, sensible and healthy way to lose weight. Find a caloric amount for each day, don’t exceed it, and get half an hour of exercise. Drink lots of water. If you do these things, you will lose weight.